Barn Styles

Our barn style storage buildings offer the flexibility you need to keep your lawn equipment, hobby items and outdoor implements out of the weather. We offer a variety of different wall heights – 4′, 5′ and 6’6” – to respond to your budget and needs. Each of our buildings offers a 2”x 8” top plate and a 2′ overhang on barn styles. This option adds style and gives each of our barns added character.

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4′ Wall Barn

This wall barn gives you more floor square footage for your dollar than for any other style.   Great for lawnmowers, ATVs and for basic storage needs.

5′ Wall Barn

The 5′ wall barn is a great mid-range option.  Offering a nice floor to wall height proportion, our 5′ wall barns can take advantage of an optional loft that is ideal for additional storage.

6’6” Wall Barn

If you are looking for the ultimate storage shed, giving you the most cubic feet per dollar, then the Pine Craft 6’6” Wall Barn is the answer.  With plenty of room to hang pegboard for rakes and other garden tools, you can take advantage of an optional loft or install a work bench or station for hobbies. For those who need additional wall space, 7′ and 8′ wall heights are available.  Contact us today for more information on these custom options.